Cute Valentines Day Looks

Whether I'm celebrating with my girls for Galentine's Day or hanging with the hubby, I love mixing tough with sexy, feminine with masculine, girly with edgy. I think the juxtaposition of polar opposites creates such a more nuanced and interesting look.

So for this Valentine's Day, I thought I'd play with two different looks by taking the same dress (this hot little red number by Calvin Klein) and show it in it's completely feminine form and then a bit funkier with boots and a leather jacket.

Which one's your favorite 1) feminine flirty or 2) edgy cool?

LOOK #1 - Girly Girl Valentines:

SavvyClick Valentines

SavvyClick Valentines

SavvyClick Valentines

LOOK #2 - Cool Girl Valentines:

SavvyClick Valentines

SavvyClick ValentinesSavvyClick Valentines

Jacket: asos; Dress: Calvin Klein; Booties: Kristin Cavallari


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