Rock the Look: Pencil Skirt + Black Jacket

This totally chic cropped jacket and pencil skirt combo was chosen as our #TuesdayChooseDay #ootd winner this week!

Funnel Neck Jacket Closeup

Pencil Skirt and Red Bottoms

Pencil Skirt Head to Toe

ROCK THE LOOK: What’s more perfectly ladylike than a pencil skirt? A pencil skirt paired with a cropped jacket and red bottoms!
1️⃣ Meet your new BFF. A pencil skirt is universally flattering on any shape or size. The key is to keep it sleek and streamlined. Invest in undergarments like #spanx. They’ll give a smooth surface so the skirt skims your body. For those of us who hate feeling constricted, they now make options without the extreme girdle effect. Yay! .
2️⃣ Try cropped. I absolutely love the simplicity of this little black jacket! It’s cut similar to a bolero so sets off the pencil skirt perfectly. This one has a funnel neck (close up coming later) which lends a modern retro vibe to the look. It makes me want to orderi a🍸or 🥂!
3️⃣ Stand tall. A friend observed that I seemed to walk with more confidence when I’m wearing pumps. I think there’s something to that. Heels force you to stand straighter and be mindful of your posture and your gait. It’s okay if you’re not into sky-high heels. Go for something you’re comfortable in but that makes you feel powerful. Then strut like you own the world! (These red bottoms do it for me every time!) ❤️

Jacket: BeBe; Skirt: Vince Camuto; Shoes: Christian Louboutin So Kate; Sunglasses: Chanel

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