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SavvyClick helps you define, develop, and manage your brand.

The result: you look good across social, on paper, and in real life.

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About Us

Actually, it's all about you.

SavvyClick helps you look good - on paper, across social, and in real life (IRL).

Our team of marketing professionals work for you and with you to build, manage and refine your brand so you achieve your goals with authority and authenticity.

Lillian Yvette Irvin (@savvyclickchick) founded SavvyClick after witnessing individuals and businesses struggle to navigate the digital world. Her mission was to make it simple - even fun - to build and manage their brands across social and in real life.

Grounded in the belief that every brand must actively and authentically represent who they are now and who they aspire to be, SavvyClick helps both individuals and businesses define their unique profile, identify the most impactful channels to communicate, and manage their digital footprint.

We're in the business of helping you authentically brand yourself and your company.

It all starts with understanding who you are and who you want to be.

Contact us. We'll get to know you and you business and help you solve for your goals and challenges.

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Savvy Solutions

Personal Branding Solutions

Our private clients are literally changing the world through art, politics, and business. They rely on SavvyClick to ensure their personal brand rings clearly and authentically across platforms. We help these power hitters take it up a notch while freeing them to do what they do best.

Small Business Solutions

Our solutions are for new businesses as well as those who have been around a while. You're establishing your brand but haven't effectively done so across social. Startups who want to ensure a polished and cohesive pitch will also benefit from SavvyClick's small business solutions. 

Enterprise Solutions

SavvyClick ensures that your executive team puts their best foot forward when representing themselves and your brand. Whether you’re defining and building your brand, refining or completing overhauling it, our solutions focus on each executive's unique strengths with strategies that help your brand shine.

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