A Pink-Faced Wooden Watch for Valentine's Day

I recently received the most GORGEOUS wood watch from JORD. JORD (pronounced like "TOAD" but with a "Y") is a American brand that has been making wood timepieces since 2014.


Now, I never really thought much about wood watches. To be honest, I never even knew they existed. Then I started seeing these really cool photos on Instagram and immediately took notice.


These are stand-out pieces! I've worn my Cora series watch a half dozen times since I got it and each time someone comments on it! I've worn lots of different types of watches in my day from very high- end to inexpensive/trendy and never has one of my watches gotten this much attention. JORD pieces are modern and very distinctive.


They also have a pretty wide range of men's and women's timepieces to choose from. I selected the Cora because I liked the size (substantial but not overwhelming on my wrist), the face (that rose gold is GORGEOUS!), and I thought it would go well with a variety of outfits. (As you can see from some of my outfits below, I was spot on about that. :))





SavvyClick X Jord Giveaway

Check them out for yourself.


JORD has generously sponsored a $100 giftcard giveaway for followers of SavvyClickChick! Just click here to enter! Even if you don't win, you'll still get a 10% coupon code just for being a SavvyClickChick fan. (Pretty savvy, huh? Plus wouldn't this make the BEST Valentine's Day gift!?)

Good luck!

Luxury Wooden Watch


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