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Lillian Yvette Irvin SavvyClick CEO

Lillian Yvette Jenkins

Speaker, social media evangelist, and marketing expert, Lillian, is Founder and CEO of SavvyClick Marketing. She has led digital and social media strategy for a range of technology and retail brands including PayPal, Yahoo!, ModCloth, and Banana Republic (Gap, Inc) as Director of Global Digital and Social Innovation.

Lillian started SavvyClick after witnessing companies large and small as well as individuals struggle to leverage social media and digital to build and amplify their brands. She firmly believes that individuals are just as responsible for building their personal brands as they are for building the brands of their larger companies.

She is passionate about all things social and has a special love for fashion, branding, and technology. 

A Silicon Valley native and a graduate of UCLA, Lillian is also the face behind, the lifestyle and influencer brand SavvyClickChick. Find Lillian on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @savvyclickchick.

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