Rock the Look: 1 Dress 3 Ways (Topshop Lace Dress)

Today I'll show you how to rock one dress 3 ways (for work, for weddings, and for weekends). Plus a surprise bonus look! 

1👗= 👗👗👗👗

Dress Look #1:  Special Occasion (Vintage Wedding)

Dress Look #1

This dress is so fab just as it is! Paired with classic gold pumps and a clutch, it's perfect for weddings, dressed-up brunch, the theatre or drinks with hubby. Shoes: , Clutch: Nordstrom 

Dress Look #2:  Ready for Work

Topshop Dress Look #2

Taking this dress from outing to office is a cinch. Just add a classic blouse, tie it at the waist et voila! 

Dress Look #3:  Hello Weekend

Topshop Dress Look 3

Sporty chic. Of the three, I think this one's my favorite. The tee and the sneakers completely transform the dress into a very easy casual but modern look.


Dress Look #4:  Lace Lining Dress Look 4 Bonus

I've wanted to try this for a while. It's the same @topshop lace dress but with a skirt over it! It's a bit unconventional but I think the effect is quite pretty - especially when you see a hint of gold lace peeking from beneath the skirt. Add a jean jacket and you have entirely new look.

Which one is your favorite?



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